Sunday, October 27, 2013

Paper collage skulls

Admittedly, not the best shot of my paper collage skulls. I brought a dozen to the Holy Hill Art Farm last weekend and only managed to get this shot with my camera phone before they completely sold out! I had them on the tables and filled the doll cradle at the opening to my booth with them, the latter of which was the key, I think. Everyone heading up the stairs to the loft saw them, so they quickly found new homes.

More paper collage may happen soon and, if I have time, a tutorial.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Nightmare on Chicago Street 10/26/2013

I just received confirmation yesterday that I'll be vending in the "Safe Zone" at Nightmare on Chicago Street in Elgin, Illinois on Saturday the 26th. It'll be my first time even attending this event and I hear that it's HUGE... over 6,000 attendees last year (their 2nd year) and projections of over 8,000 this year. It sounds like incredible fun with live bands, roving street entertainment, and such.More info on the event may be found at or on Facebook at