Saturday, October 6, 2012

Holy Hill Art Farm Market, October 20-21

Busily getting ready for the Holy Hill Art Farm Market on October 20th and 21st!

The site of the market was originally the Loosen Family Homestead, a 160 year old - 80 acre property  located in the heart of the Wisconsin Kettle Moraine. The farm has been transformed into a unique destination where creativity and inspiration flow within this beautiful country setting. In addition to the markets, the site is used for arts classes, weddings, and other events throughout the year.

 The Holy Hill Art Farm Market is just down the road from the Holy Hill Basilica. As you can see in this postcard, the region is utterly gorgeous in the autumn. (This is the same cathedral that had the flea market on it's grounds a few months ago)

This is the second year (and the October dates will be the 4th market weekend) for this unique marketplace The market will feature artists and farmers presenting their goods in a natural setting. Some of the art mediums include:

* Paintings
* Drawings
* Photography
* Sculptures
* Pottery
* Glass
* Wood
* Metal
* Garden
* Jewelry
* Fabric

Additionally, there will be antiques vendors, as well as regional farmers and food vendors presenting their wares.

I'm very excited about this show. Not only is it in a completely gorgeous setting, it's just a week and a half before Halloween (so, yes, I'll be bringing all of my morbid Victorian bits).

Look for me under the loft in the main art barn! (shown here in wedding reception mode)