Wednesday, March 9, 2011

March treasury project

My goal for the month of March was to create an Etsy treasury each day. We're now at the 9th (still need to do today's!) and thusfar, I'm managed to accomplish this. I'm really glad that I decided to take on this project. It's given me a chance to check out a lot of artists that I might not have otherwise run across.

Treasuries to date:

March 1st: Forward MARCH! (An assortment of nifty military and military-inspired bits)
March 2nd: Oh The Places You'll Go (A collection in honor of what would have been Theodor Geisel's 107th birthday)
March 3rd: She Used to Have a Carefree Mind of Her Own, With a Devilish Look in Her Eye (In memorial of my grandmother, Arlene Margaret Gamble)
March 4th: You Make Me Melt... (Everything is thawing out there!)
March 5th: Orange You Glad? (Spring's "hot" color)
March 6th: I Love Mary Jane(s) (Not a gal...and not the ganja...SHOES!)
March 7th: Nawlins (Yes...ANOTHER Mardi Gras treasury, but who could resist?)
March 8th: Thanks For All The Fish (On this date in 1978, BBC 4 broadcast the first episode of The Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy)

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