Tuesday, August 16, 2011


If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ve likely seen mentions of Roach (Raechel Henderson) of Idiorythmic Designs and her work. If you’re involved in fandom (sci-fi/fantasy, steampunk, anime, gaming, etc) in the Midwest, you’ve also probably seen her work both in the dealers’ room and on attendees at various conventions and events.
She’s a dear-dear friend and wonderful seamstress, and right now, she is in dire need of help. She’s currently trying to raise funds in order to save her home and avoid a potentially nasty custody battle. If I could, I’d offer her all the funds she needs to solve her dilemma, but I’m not in any financial position to do so. What I CAN do is spread the word about the following:
#1- Currently, she’s offering a special in her Etsy shop on some lovely waspie corsets like the ones pictured above. They’re currently priced $40-$60 off of her regular price for a limited time. She also has trussles/bustles, corset/trussle combos, luxe dice bags, and other wonders in her shop and custom work is her specialty. There’s still time to order new costuming for Halloween, TeslaCon, and other events.
#2- While it’s unlikely that any single one of us could afford to offer her the full amount needed, I’m hoping that the fandom and art community can band together to help. Even small donations (say the price of a single latte) can add up really quickly. In light of the fact that I have nearly 1300 people following my work on Facebook and my partner has well over 3600 followers on his illustration site, we’re challenging our friends and fans to each send a dollar or two Roach’s way via PayPal (username: roach@idiorhythmic.net). Again...we're not asking for huge individual donations, just a rallying of folks each making small gestures of help.
This recession of recent years has been hard on all of us. If someone has offered you a kindness while you were struggling, I ask that you please consider paying this kindness forward and lending a hand to this terrific lady in need.
(Please feel free to share this blog entry with those who may be interested).

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