Monday, May 28, 2012


Boosting the signal for my friends' Kickstarter campaign for their e-zine.

(In the words of Raechel Henderson from the Kickstarter campaign site)

Our goal was to produce the kind of magazine we would have wanted to read as children.  Each issue was centered around a fantastic creature (from shape shifters, to dragons, trolls to griffins) and featured fiction, poetry and art aimed and exploring the weird and wonderful.

We published sixteen issues between the years of 1999 to 2003.  The first six issues were produced by hand: printed off a hand-me-down HP Laserjet IIP, hand assembled and saddle-stitched with a long arm stapler.  Future issues were offset printed (a move that saved our sanity in putting together issues but increased the cost by several degrees).

Nearly a decade later, we've decided to try and relaunch the magazine, with some changes.  We're going the e-zine route: publishing Spellbound as an ePub readable on Nooks, Kindles and other e-readers.  With the increase in e-readership (sales of e-readers and children's and YA e-books are on the rise) we see an opportunity to bring awesome fiction, poetry, art and more to an even larger audience than before.

We're looking to raise enough money to fund a full year's run of Spellbound.  The money will go to paying for content and production costs.  Most new publications flounder in the first year, so if we can secure the funding we can concentrate on putting out a quality publication, expanding our readership and assuring a second year and beyond...
Please click the link below to learn more about Spellbound and the Kickstarter campaign:

Eggplant Literary Productions is a small electronic speculative fiction press. It is run by Raechel Henderson. Art direction is provided by Sam Haney Press. Marcie Lynn Tentchoff is the poetry editor for Spellbound. Stephan Kelly rounds out the crew as the marketing director.

Each of us has been involved in creative endeavors all our lives. We're writers and poets, thespians and artists. We believe that life needs art the same way it needs food, water and oxygen.

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