Sunday, June 17, 2012

Miller Park Flea Market 6/17/2012

This is the first year for the Miller Park Flea Market, so it is still rather small (less than 100 vendors), but I figured it would be worth checking out. Highlights and oddities included:

We parked in the Rollie Fingers section, and let me tell you, I was disappointed. The banner really doesn't do his twirly 1890s Gilded Age/porn 'stache justice. If you're going to do a it right, man.

 One of the vendors had this nifty ammeter. The seller tried to convince us that it was a quack medicine tool to justify the $80 tag but...yeah...not so much. I know quackery and this isn't it. It's an ammeter. There is an identical one on eBay right now for $170 (including shipping), so the price wasn't out of line...just her description.

Affirmations for the hipster with low-self esteem.  At least your beer will always love you...
 (I should mention that this is in Milwaukee, where PBR is neither hip nor ironic, but rather, what one drinks on the cheap at the VFW Hall. Because it is cheap. And it is beer.)

Spoon sword! (as modeled by my partner). Nothing is so intimidating as a longhaired dude standing in front of a dumpster wielding a two-foot long brass weapon of such absurdity. Nothing!

A copy of a hoax. How meta!
In a Mason jar. Just like grandma used to make.
This just looks like a serial killer's trophy. In fact, I'm pretty sure that if Jodie Foster had kept poking around that storage unit in Silence of The Lambs, she would have found this. 

I think the vendor would have better luck moving that bit on the right if he tried to sell it as a Game of Thrones Lawn Ornament. It's all in the marketing.
I am entirely too thrilled with myself for having snagged a tattoo flash patterned purse for just $5.  (In the background, you may notice TV's Oscar from The Office and a woman rocking some seriously feathered hair.)

Why is the artisan-made cheese so special here in Wisconsin? Well...let me tell you...

(No, this is not from the market, but it is a real sign. It's nailed to the front of the feed and grain store in the next town over. From what I've found, this was a livestock feed product circa 1914 or so.)

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  1. Haha... nice post! That market looks awesome. I like how it is full of so many odd things. and I think you are right about the 'Game of Thrones Lawn Ornament.'