Saturday, August 4, 2012

Holy Hill Flea Market 7/22/2012

 On the 22nd, my lovely sidekick and I headed up to the Holy Hill Antique and Flea Market . While technically put on by St. Mary of the Hill Parish, it is in the shadow of the basillica, in a stand of pine trees, so it's also a really lovely setting.

A lovingly restored original Whiz Ball penny skill game.

With my penchant for vintage medical oddness, I was a bit tempted by this diptheria vaccine.

A map of steamship routes of the 1930s and a steamship horn.

Various patent medicines

 May I have a geekgirl squee moment? I love the fact that my partner tried playing the opening to Coin-Operated Boy on this. Pure love.

 Lovely apothecary chest...but just read the labels on the handles...

I was very tempted by this pachinko machine

I'm afraid that I didn't fully capture the full glory of this hoofy wonder. (and yes...that's a three horned Viking helmet behind him)


  1. This is so cool! What a gorgeous spot for a flea market! =)

  2. So beautiful. As much as I LOVE living in Arizona - we don't have anything like that here.