Sunday, February 24, 2013

Rummage A Rama, February 23rd 2013

I had such fun recording oddities and fascinations from my various market forays last summer, I decided to do it again for 2013. This was from my first real outing of the year yesterday (between being sick, the weather, and doing shows on the weekends, this was my first real opportunity.) These are from Rummage-A-Rama, a monthly market held in the Wisconsin Products Pavilion at Wisconsin State Fair Park in Milwaukee (West Allis).

It's not a big event, but the two times that I've attended with my lovely sidekick, it has taken us a couple of hours of leisurely perusing most of the booths to finish. There's a fair number of non-vintagey vendors (home party candle/cosmetic sales, boxes of dollar store flotsam, etc), but enough old stuff to justify the $2 (with non-perishable donation) admission price.

A friend of mine is a big Catwoman fan, so I had to get a couple of shots of a Mego Catwoman figure for her... 

 ...which then led to a shot of Mego Riddler figure for another friend (note the array of Mego shwag in this booth.)

My aforementioned partner is posing with his favorite from the bunch, a 1979 Mego Walking Twiki (want to see one in action?)

Ever wish you could emulate the sartorial stylings of Howard Wolowitz? Now you can! At 3 for 4 bucks! As Howard's mother (who obviously dresses him) would say, "Waht a Barhgain!"

(and yes, if you look carefully in the upper left corner of the shot, you can see Confederate Battle Flag bedsheets. No...really. Confederate. Battle. Flag. Bedsheets. Seriously.)

Antique creepy wall-mountable figurines of the clones emerging from their plant pods.

Before your brain goes right to the gutter, these were swank-looking mass-market doll house items. The sneaky photo (the vendor was glaring at me after the pod people shot, so I had to make it quick) that I tried to take of the actual furniture turned out very poorly, but about mid-way through this blog entry by Grimdeva, you can see several examples.

Hands down the oddest item of the day:

This is a 3-D sort of semi-taxidermy (that's real fur and leather) art assemblage portrait of a man who looks like he's died of exposure. I have no explanation for this whatsoever.


  1. I am SO into that creepy, strange taxidermy-ish thing... wow.