Monday, April 1, 2013

Antiques and Uniques on Main (Waukesha, WI) 3/31/13

Since Sunday was a nice spring day, my lovely sidekick and I decided to venture out for the day. Grabbed some lunch, did the limited-due-to-it-being-Easter-errands, and ended up in downtown Waukesha. We were surprised to see that Antiques and Uniques on Main was open, so we stopped in.

One of the booths had some gorgeous vintage art supplies. So tempting. I absolutely didn't need them, but I did really want them.

This is what my partner wanted to bring home. (Not that I didn't, mind you.) She's circa 1977 and in working condition. I found more info and photographs here.

I wish I would have gotten a better look at the pinup calendar to the right of the machine. I've always really liked the Hilda drawings by Duane Bryers.

That's one happy Cylon...

Mr. Potato Head's friend, Oscar the Orange favored copstaches, guyliner, and snappy haberdashery. In a much less enlightened time, there were oft whispers as to the nature of the friendship between these chameleon dandies of the plastic patch...

Jingles' inability to respect personal boundaries made him less-than-successful with the ladies.

 What *DID* actually end up coming home with me?

In addition to some buttons that will end up in my stash for projects, I found this awesome doctor's bag for $25! It's leather and while it does have some wear, the flaws are easily repairable and kind of add to the charm. The previous owner's name is on the frame and I'm thinking about seal coating the label to preserve it.

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