Monday, March 24, 2014

Playing with steel wire

It's been a long winter and while I wish I could say that I've spent the last few months making 8 billion new pieces to show everyone, I'm just not at the "show-off" point. I've done quite a bit...but I just need to get things photographed and posted onto Etsy soon.

In the meantime, I'll show you a work in progress. I'm currently working on a piece for a challenge that requires me to use only reclaimed/recycled materials. Here's a portion of the project, about 17 inches of handmade chain of 16 gauge steel with twisted double strands of 20 gauge steel for jump rings. Annealed...but my hands still ache. I also took steel wool to each link to bring up a bit of shine and applied Renaissance Wax to deter rusting.

Photos of the finished piece to follow (my deadline is 4/1 for the challenge), as well as other endeavors!

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