Monday, January 2, 2012

Goals for the year

-Do 10 events/shows in 2012. Every year, I try to branch out of my comfort zone just a little bit more with showing off my work. In 2010, this was participating in an artist alley at a convention and competing at the state fair. In 2011, this was doing panel discussions at a convention, vending at a convention, and vending at a mainstream show.  My goals for this year are to do an art show at a convention that requires more than just an hour or two of travel (Convergence in Minneapolis) and the art show at World Con (ChiCon in Chicago).

-Really learn PhotoShop. I know how to do some photo editing, but I really want to learn more. I have grand ideas…but I need to figure out how to make these happen.

-Blog at least once a week. This will not be hard. I have a list of about 20 topics at the moment that I’d like to write a post about and this list will just increase as the year goes by. I just need to make time to do so, because I actually really enjoy blogging.

-Complete at least one Etsy treasury a week. I really slacked on this in 2011. I had good intentions and even tried to do a treasury a day in March, but the time and motivation sort of faded away. I’m even more doleful that I didn’t keep up with the treasuries that I was included in. I was included in literally hundreds of treasuries last year and am ashamed to say that I fell short on cross-promoting these or sometimes even properly thanking the other artists that created them.

Here's my entry for this week. Now I just need to get it together 51+ more times this year...

-Post in and maintain my other shop, MoiraCoonRedux. I have stuff in the shop, but not much and I seldom even mention that I have this shop. I have many-many things that I really need to sell off, both supplies and vintage bits, so I need to get off my duff and get them posted/promoted.

-Play with my blowtorch more. Enough said.

-Increase my blog circulation to 500 followers and my Facebook fan page count to 2000 fans. I know that I could always go the “add me and I’ll add you” route to make these numbers happen, but I’d rather have readers who actually like my work and writing. I’ll have the blog posts and I’ll stay active on FB anyway, so I’m going to do more submitting to craft sites and posting in FB groups under my fan page to attract more readers.

-Stop procrastinating about posting items on Etsy. Did you know that I have dozens of pieces that I’d made for events this past autumn that I STILL have not posted? I’m justifying this right now since I want stock for a show in a few weeks, but really…that’s a poor excuse. After Midwinter Gaming Convention, I need to take the time to photograph and write copy for EVERYTHING. 


What are your goals and objectives for 2012?


  1. hello and first i wanted to say welcome to the team (fmnddteam),i havent been around as much as i use to. you have very interesting items. and your latest blog entry is inspiring. you got a lot resolutions and i can relate in some way(except the shows,i havent braved any of those yet)and i wish you luck and i hope you accomplish your goals.i may have to set a few of mine own!! i hope we become friends,see ya around!!
    BeadingByJenn(on etsy,twitter,& facebook)

  2. Thank you Jenn! I'll look you up!

  3. Way to go Moira, and may the "Force" be with you! :-)

    Sarah (aka SarahsQuiltsnCrafts on etsy)

  4. love your blog moira! now following you!

  5. This is a great & well thought out list. I am going to follow your blog now! I have a lot of similar goals this year as well (1 treasury a week, posting blog at least once a week, and expanding blog & FB friends.) I totally agree with you about getting good followers. The numbers don't count if they aren't interested in the content.

    You've inspired me to look into maybe doing a state fair thing this year. I think that's an excellent idea. I took a photoshop class offered by my local college as a "special course". It's just a non credit course, no grades, no stress just straight up learning and I learned a world of information I would have never figured out on my own! You should look into that. I'm taking a photography class just like it starting next week to improve my listings.

  6. Great goals, I have been inspired by reading everyone's goals these past few days:)

  7. Fringe and Flourish: Thank you!

    Tiffany: Thank you! As for the photography ex-partner is a photographer, so I gleaned quite a bit from him over the years.

  8. Wow, 10 shows a year sounds like a lot to me! But I guess it's really not so bad if you space them out.

    Good luck! All of these are great things to work on.

  9. OH, I am so with you on having items that have not been listed on etsy. Trying to list one a day. Hoping that will make my other items show up in searches.

    I used to do lots of shows. So many of them no longer happen, but this year I am going to do some roadside vending with a crafter I met in November. FIngers crossed!

    Have a wonderful day!

    Stopping by from Blogging Buddies

  10. Great goals for 2012! I love how you're building off what you've done in 2011 so that you can keep expanding what you do. Best of luck with everything!

    Link up with the BBA 2012 goal link party!

  11. Paige: I did 6 in 2011 (plus another two that I wasn't actually *at* but I sent stock with a friend for her booth). The scale of my events varies from just needing a few dozen pieces for a convention art show to the full bells and whistles vending booth, so it isn't so bad.

    Christie: I keep telling myself that I'll get them up when I have time...but weeks keep passing. *sigh* Good luck to you with your new enterprise!

    Rose: Thank you so much! Gotta keep growing and learning. =)

  12. Great goals! I love hearing everyone's goals for this year! I have some of the same goals myself :)

  13. Thanks Heather! May you reach your goals this year!

  14. Great goals! Gets me thinking about what I need to do to increase sales for my shop!

  15. These are great goals! I didn't really take the time to make any shop-oriented goals this year (except maybe blogging more regularly, which I guess is peripherally related) so I appreciate reading your post, hopefully some of your goals will rise up in my brain from time to time and give me a kick in the butt! :) Best of luck to you in 2012!

  16. Sounds like some good goals. I'd like to hear more about how you plan to gain more blog followers.

  17. Your goals are ambitious!!

    I have set some personal goals but have to think more about this year's Etsy shop goals.

    The next 6 weeks I plan to knit up a storm to restock my shop. Then I'll go from there.

  18. Great job, Moira. I am inspired. I am still in my planning stage about resolutions. I wanted to get it straight before starting it:)

    I plan to post one item a day in my Etsy shop. I can see a big difference in my traffic.

    I plan to blog once a week like you. My last one was about an artist, a great artist in CA. ( Read my blog and you know who I am talking about)

    I am reading a book How to make money in Etsy. Want to share some of that very soon.

    I think my resolutions will be more specific then.

    Nice to find you here, Moira. Will follow you. Dita

  19. congrats and good luck with your goals. I often do things a little differently than others but I am struggling this year with the "HOW" of it all. The ideas come easily...doing them, not so much.
    I was inspired to have a huge blow out sale in my etsy shop this weekend so that I can regroup and change what I want to sell this year and how I am selling it. Your blog just reminded me that I should blog about it. thanks