Sunday, January 29, 2012

WisCon call to artists

Please note some date corrections to this post:

Wiscon or WisCon, is often called the world's leading feminist-oriented science fiction convention and conference. It was first held in Madison, Wisconsin in February 1977, and is held annually throughout the four day weekend of Memorial Day. Sponsored by the Society for the Furtherance and Study of Fantasy and Science Fiction or (SF)³, WisCon gathers together women and men: fans, writers, editors, publishers, scholars and artists from around the world to discuss science fiction and fantasy, with emphasis on issues of feminism, gender, race, and class.

We believe that Art is an important aspect of SF, and that an exciting Art Show is an important part of any convention. We strive to make the WisCon Art Show a continuing success by integrating the art show with the rest of the convention.
We are doing things a little different this year. In order to include more new artists, we are requiring all artists to submit an application and photos of their work to the Art Show Staff by February 29 of this year. We will start sorting through the applications then and will notify the applicants of their status around  Match 18.

The Art Show Application page may be found at .

Art show focus:

  • Work by women artists
  • Work by regional artists
  • Work with feminist themes, whatever that may be
We don't plan to define feminist themes. That's up to you. We do, though, plan to continue to have popular awards for the Most Feminist and Most Outrageous items in the Art Show, as have for the past several years. We are interested in original work by the artist, which may include one copy of limited edition reproductions. For additional print sales, you are welcome to participate in the WisCon Dealers Room, or make an arrangement with one of the dealers. We also have a small print shop for items with fixed sale prices; let us know if you are interested in participating, since space will be limited.

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