Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Free The Amigurumi!

 From A{mi}Dorible
As previously stated, I am not a fiber artist...but that doesn't mean I'm not amazed by all of the nifty stuff that my fiber peeps create. The other day, I ran into the motherlode of freebie amigurumi projects. The Great Amigurumi boasts 1500 (yes...FIFTEEN HUNDRED!) free amigurumi patterns. Some favorites of mine:

Daryl Dixon (Walking Dead) from Nicrochet

Sushi from StitchLove

Nibbler (Futurama) from Hooks and Needles


  1. I just *love* the Sheldon amigurumi! I remember when Jim had it on a late night talk show--Letterman maybe?

    Thanks for sharing that great link. :)