Friday, March 22, 2013

New wrap/cash stand for shows

I had to go to the next town over this morning for an appointment, so while there, I decided to hit some of my supply scrounging spots. VERY happy that I did, since this is what I found for $4.99 at Goodwill. Snagged that baby IMMEDIATELY!
The outer dimensions are 10" x 10" X 14", so it'll fit with room to spare on the small folding wood table* that I usually use as a wrap/cash stand at shows. The weathered wood and tarnished brass will also work with my displays/general theme. I might clean up the finish and hardware a bit, but I'm tempted to just leave the exterior as-is.
The two internal trays are nice too, with slots for the moveable partitions. The third "shelf" doesn't have a tray, but that works fine. I may stain these or paint them black.

I should have plenty of room to store all of the stuff that I usually keep handy on my table (cut sheets of tissue for wrapping jewelry, bags, receipt book, pens, business cards, and little notebook) as well as the odds and ends that I stash under the table (tape, small tools, mints, emergency meds, tacks/pins, superglue, etc).

*Pointless trivia note: I have ALWAYS thrifted/repurposed. That folding table? It was inherited from my ex-partner in college...and salvaged from his parents basement when he was a teen. I've been hauling that thing around for 20+ years m'self.