Sunday, March 24, 2013

Train-of-thought tutorials using repurposed Easter items

Sometimes things just fall together in interesting patterns.

Case in point: Earlier today I was poking through some tutorials and came upon a really nifty project on Suzy's Artsy-Craftsy Sitcom for using Easter egg dye and a crockpot to hand color wool yarn.

Worth noting since spring is (theoretically) here, the thrifts should be clearing out all of their (ravel-able) wool sweaters and already-cheap Easter egg dye is going to be 75%-90% off in another week and a half. Might be an idea for cheap repurposing project experimentation for those so inclined.

...And later ran into fiber art project at Prudent Baby involving ANOTHER repurposed Easter clearance item: one of those plastic fill-able eggs to contain the bell in the center of the rattle. A good idea to make your amigurumi jingly too.
 Now to confess, I don't actually do the fiber art thing. I have tons of friends who do, so I do notice nifty yarn-y stuff when I run into it. 

For those of us who'd like to make a soft rattle but don't knit/crochet, yet have basic sewing skillz, I also saw this project on Handmade by Jill using ready-made cotton socks. This would make a terrific handmade baby shower gift.

See? Funny how things run together! 

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