Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Elkhorn Antique Flea Market

For non-locals (or for locals not in the know), Elkhorn Antique Flea Market is a HUGE antiques market held four times a year in Elkhorn, Wisconsin. This past Sunday was the second show of the year (with two more held in August and September).

It's a reasonable day trip from Milwaukee or Chicago and absolutely worth the trek. They're not kidding when they say 500+ dealers. Get there early when the gates open and wear comfortable shoes, because you're in for a LOT of walking. I've never managed to see the whole market by the end of day because there's so much to cover.

While I brought my camera, I was too distracted to take many pictures, but here are a couple from the market (as well as a few shots of some of our finds):

I'm not sure precisely what this is and the vendor was busy with actual buyers, so I didn't want to interupt him to ask. I'm calling it the Malevolent Professor Eddingsworth's Amazing Death Ray.

Whatever that is in the previous picture, someone seems a bit worried about it.

I had initially looked at this Mah Jongg set wondering if (in the case that it was incomplete) it might be a good prospect to be repurposed for jewelry components. It was A) not incomplete (and I wouldn't want to break up a complete set) B) from 1923 and C) quickly snagged by my partner for actual play.

I nabbed this vintage tea tin for buck. It's destined to be a part of my display at shows...likely filled with rice and used to contain hair sticks.

Speaking of display doo-dads...check this rotating condiment rack out (Wheel! Of! Olives!). It'll make an interesting fixture for exhibiting trays of earring cards at shows.

I used to have this edition of the Ouija board, but it...er...went elsewhere, so I was happy to snag this one for $2. (I've seen enough horror movies to know the folly of purchasing previously owned devices such as this, but I did it anyway). The lass to the left isn't from this shopping trip. She was found in a shop in Waukesha, but she was already in the space where I wanted to take the picture, so I let her stay in the shot.

There are several more wonderous finds from Sunday, but most are bits and bobs for projects and you'll see those soon enough!


  1. I love seeing what people find on vintage treasure hunts- this one was obviously a goodie- especially the condiment rack....