Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mother (Of The Invention)

Sure...Frankenstein's bride gets all of the attention, but what about his "mother"?

Since Mary Shelley could easily be considered one of the originators of the literary genre of science fiction…and likely the first woman sci-fi writer at that, I thought it was more than fitting to create a jewelry tribute to her to send to WisCon. The piece sold in the convention art show this past weekend.
Mary’s portrait was printed on shrink polymer and fused to sheet copper to create a focal. This pendant was then suspended on a rosary style strand of freshwater pearls and faceted crystal beads and hand linked copper chain. I created a accent piece on one side of the strand using antiqued copper bracket findings and a trio of fuses. The necklace closes with a toggle clasp created from an antique skeleton key and filigree copper ring.


  1. Super awesome piece! I love Mary Shelley, just got done with Frankenstein a couple months ago staggering work of genius it was!:)~Davs