Sunday, June 12, 2011

Holy treasuries, Batman!

Lately I've been posting a link to every Etsy treasury I'm included in (along with a "thank you" to the curator, with a link to their Etsy shop) on my Facebook fan page. I've also been tweeting these. In the last three days though, I'd been so busy with Bead and Button, plus that whole "real job" thing, I hadn't checked to see if I was in any new treasuries.

Well...I was. In several. Several enough to make it awkward to post that many FB entries. In lieu of multiple FB posts, I decided to post one big post here. I know that it's not the same as individual posts and I hope that this mention makes up a bit for my lapse.

-Random Favorites by Capturing Essence
-Some of My Favorites by Kindred Scents
-For The Gemini by Vintage Clothing Store
-Things That Crkdhalo0827 Thinks Are Rad by Crkdhalo0827
-True Colors by Virvatuli
-The Future is Bright by Fibremom
-Life in Black and Brown by Lmadary2
-Science! by Irvingplace
-Hoot A Toot Toot! The Owls Nightly Barn Dance by Rainadelmagick
-Purple Royale by Millesstones
-Gold and Glam by Jordani Sarreal
-I Heart Gray by FriedaSophie
-Black and White by Unnerving Nightmare
-Summer Fashion Finds by Kaitlin and Kylies
-Dark Side Delights by Gypsy Eye
-Great Finds by Poiriers

A HUGE thank you everyone who included my items in treasuries!

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